Yeats & the West extended opening

Yeats & the West

an exhibition of western worlds

featuring crafts, collaborations, rare books, music, drama, video, and exclusive artwork

Hardiman Research Building, NUI Galway

now with extended opening

until Friday February 19th


W.B. Yeats always looked west. Yeats & the West discovers what it meant to him, and what this means for us.

WP_20150908_16_57_35_Pro (2)

Through crafts, collaborations, and landscapes Yeats & the West tells the story of going west to find out who we really are.


This special exhibition for his 150th birthday now has extended opening until Friday 19th February 2016.

23 Saint Patrick

Take in the crafts and symbols that started the Irish Revival.


Learn more about the figures whose art and ideas shaped modern Ireland.

J.M.Synge at The Playboy of the Western World dress rehearsal, by John Butler Yeats

J.M.Synge at The Playboy of the Western World dress rehearsal, by John Butler Yeats

Through drama, film, rare books, manuscripts, artwork, crafts, and music, feel what it must have been like to a be a part of this cultural revolution.

1978 10th anniversary

Remembering this revolutionary year come and discover the collaborations that led to a real revolution.

Panel 9

Come and see how far west this revolution spread – even as far as Hollywood!

Map America

At the Hardiman Reseach Building, NUI Galway, until Friday February 19th 2016.

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